Quality Seafood
by Nature

Hot smoked fish

Over the last two decades Agustson has grown to be one of the largest and most succesful producers of hot smoked trout in Europe. At our smokehouse in Vejle in Denmark, we hot smoke ASC farmed Danish trout and Icelandic MSC caught Atlantic Cod.


We have been as leading producer of caviar products for more than 30 years. We create value for our customers by having one of the most flexible productions in terms of sizes, design, delivery and so forth.


Our cold-water prawn are caught by a modern trawler fleet in the deep, unpolluted waters around Greenland and in the Artic Ocean. We also offer Tiger prawns, Crayfish and Surimi. Whether the shellfish are wild caught or aqua culture, there is a constant focus on delivering the best product while ensuring the environment is treated with respect.